A townwatch in your pocket

Small, close-knit towns with community newspapers often have a printed police blotter where all community members can keep informed on what the police are doing.   In a big city like Philadelphia, that detailed level of police reporting to the community has always been impossible.  

Until now.

PhillyBlotter is a police blotter for your phone that is custom-tailored to you and the Philly neighborhood where you live.  In just a few minutes you'll be up-to-date on every incident that happens near your home, your child's school and your work.



Interactive crime map

The first thing when you see when you open PhillyBlotter is a colorful and interactive crime map of the entire city.   Crimes are categorized with a symbol and a corresponding color.  Show and hide different types of crime that suit what you're searching for. Or, turn them all on at once to explore where all the activity is.


A blotter for your hood

Germantown? East Oak Lane? Mayfair? Kingsessing?  PhillyBlotter knows all the neighborhoods of Philadelphia with over 100 neighborhood police blotters that give you up-to-date police activity in a display that loads fast.

You can also combine neighborhoods into one blotter.  Start with your own neighborhood where you live and add up to two more neighborhoods to create a composite blotter that incorporates the areas you frequent the most and want to stay on top of.


A blotter specific to just you

With Primary Location and the One Mile Blotter you can see which crimes happened closest to your home and avoid information overload.


Search all the things

PhillyBlotter's crime search tool is powerful and quick.  You can research all crime information published by the Philadelphia Police Department going back a decade.

You can search by:

  • Neighborhood or the entire city
  • Police District or Police Service Area
  • Crime Type
  • Arrest
  • Date

PhillyBlotter combines crime reports with arrest records available on Philadelinquency Courtwatch with five years of public information about adult defendants in Philadelphia's Common Pleas Court.

Too busy to look in the app for important information?

That's OK. We'll do it for you.

If you are using Primary Location we will send you important updates about violent and violative crimes right to your device for the area you set every time the Philadelphia Police publish new crime records.   Violent and violative crime includes:

  • Homicide
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Robbery
  • Rape
  • Burglaries