Photo by maxkabakov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by maxkabakov/iStock / Getty Images

What information do we collect?

PhillyBlotter has some features that require us to save some information to our servers.  This includes features such as Primary Location where your device will provide us with with a random number as a "token" and GPS coordinates of your primary location.  Without it we can't send you push notifications about important crime.

If the application becomes unstable or crashes, we collect anonymous diagnostic information about the crash so that we can improve the application to prevent future crashes.  If you do not wish to allow this information to be uploaded online you can reject the application from uploading a crash report.

We are also privy to information that Apple and Google may share with the application developer related to: the number of installations of the app, the number of times the app fails, associated diagnostic information about the app, or what make/model of device the application is installed on.

We do not, however, store any of the following:

  • Your identity, such as name or address
  • GPS tracking information (we do not save any further GPS information beyond using the Primary Location Feature, which you control)
  • Any commercial information
  • Search requests you make of the application

Do You Share Information With Others?

PhillyBlotter is designed so that it does not require users provide their identities so we cannot know anything about you.  All that we can see is that someone installed or uninstalled the app, which version of PhillyBlotter was installed, and what make/model of device the app was installed on.

Both Apple and Google provide this information to their app store developers as a course of your Agreement between Apple and Google, which the makers of PhillyBlotter have no control over.

Beyond that, PhillyBlotter may share with others the number of times the application has been installed on devices.

We do not collect any identifying material about you or your behavior while using PhillyBlotter.

Can I Opt-Out of Information Sharing?


We recommend that you do not use the Primary Location feature in PhillyBlotter if you do not wish to share your device's primary location.

Without Primary Location we will also not send you Apple APNS Push Notifications or Google Cloud Messaging Service notifications notifying you about recent crimes near your primary location.  Further, the One Mile Blotter service will not be available to you.

You can also opt out of crash reporting by answering "DO NOT SEND" if you launch PhillyBlotter after an application crash.

You may still continue to enjoy the use of PhillyBlotter even if some of its features may be inactive.


If you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to ask.  Send your e-mails to